Princess Minnie

Brave Little Tailor

Every now and then I get sparked up to paint something, I doodle heaps, and always carry a sketchbook around.  Most of the time my doodles never really turn into anything, but sometimes they end up as paintings.

A while ago i came across an image from Brave Little Tailor, an old Disney short based on The Valiant little Tailor, but obviously (well, maybe not) with Mickey as the tailor, and thought, I should doodle that.  And so I did, and the doodle became a painting.  But what would Sir Mickey be without his princess?  Well, probably not that brave of a little tailor, and he probably wouldn’t have tried to slay the giant either.  So Princess Minnie needed to be painted too..

If you’re interested in watching the short, here it is, and then check out the pictures of the process.

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