Doodles To Paintings

As i’ve mentioned many times before, I’m a doodler.. I doodle when I’m concentrating on something, I doodle when I’m bored, and I doodle if someone says something funny that I need to see in front of me.  I also paint every now and then, but I never do anything with my paintings.  They all end up in our spare room, or painted over, or I give them to someone who happens to say they like it.  Sandra hates that.  She hates that I give em away, and that I don’t do anything with them.  So with a LOT of encouragement from her, a couple weeks ago I decided to enter a painting into an art show at The Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard.  Now, she has to encourage me, she’s my wife and I know that she will at least SAY she likes everything I paint.  But I also got a LOT of encouragement from some friends @scottquaile , @christinequaile and @therita and @katieartkelly in particular provided that little bit of extra motivation.  Katie’s someone who’s work I’ve admired for ages now, so I really appreciated her nudges. You should go check out her artwork by the way, it’s AWESOME.

So anyway, I did it, I entered, and I was nervous to hear people’s responses (fortunately for me, I didn’t really hear any! so all was good!).  I didn’t think too much more about it, but wondered when the gallery would call me to say come pick up your artwork, the show’s over, so imagine my surprise when they called me to tell me someone bought it.  heheh i was pretty shocked to be honest, but more than that, it meant that someone I’m NOT related to, and not friends with liked something that I made, and liked it enough to spend money on it.  whoot!!!


so anyway, there’s another show coming up, and I’ve decided I’m going to enter a few more paintings.  Obviously it would be great if they sold, but I’m doing it more because, well I like painting, and I’d like to actually do something with my paintings other than shove em under a bed.  So I decided to turn some of my more fun doodles into paintings.  I know which ones Sandra likes, and if I’m being honest, I’m leaning more towards those ones for now, but I’d like to hear from other people which doodles I should attempt to paint.  I know the stuff I doodle, and the stuff I paint isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and I know they’re definitely no amazingly phenomenal pieces of work, but I have fun doing them, and some people have fun seeing them, and I guess that’s all that matters.


So, if you could let me know (either via twitter or facebook or email) which 3 doodles I should paint, I’d appreciate it!


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