L'il Orange Leader

Good Sushi And Doodling Makes For Fun Paintings

Sandra and I don’t go out heaps.  We’re not into the bar scene, so once a month we head to our favorite sushi place, Beluga Bar.  It’s the best sushi you’ll ever have.  Forget ordering off the menu, sit at the bar and let Sammy just create stuff for you.  So good.. so tasty, and an awesome environment to hang out with friends.

I got to doodling last night, and decided Orange Bird would be an amazing X-Wing pilot.  So, I doodled him, and today I painted him.  I have to agree with @jefflipack, I think Li’l Orange Leader needs to be a walk around character at Star Wars Weekends.

so here’s the progression of the doodle to the painting, it was fun.  Hope you like it!


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