Painting Mickey

Painting Mickey

Every now and then I get an urge to do something creative, paint, doodle, screen print, play guitar, whatever. Usually though, I end up getting caught up in life and work and then fall asleep exhausted, and feel like I havent accomplished anything. Years ago, I used to spend hours and hours playing guitar and drawing. I dont know what happens as life creeps in and you get older, but I’ve been finding it increasingly more difficult to spread things out, and take time to do things that arent work (I’m including house work) related.

This weekend Sandra and i went down to the art store, and picked up some screen printing supplies. I had every intention of doing some screen printing this weekend.. but it didnt happen. Yesterday I picked up my guitar for the first time in what seems like ages, and started playing. It seemed to be the fun and creative spark I needed to get going with some artwork. I mean, we’ve been doing a bit here and there, but most of the things I’ve been working on are either work or wedding related. So, I put my guitar down, got a drink and looked at a blank canvas sitting in the dining room. For whatever reason, I decided to start painting. And again for whatever reason, it ended up being Mickey.

Now, I’m pretty shy when it comes to painting, or drawing and sometimes even playing guitar. So I usually dont share anything I’ve painted or drawn with people, and often times after I’ve finished a painting or drawing, I scrap it, and paint over it. I’m my own worst critic.

Sandra has been really encouraging and is constantly pushing me to do more artwork, and I always brush it off and say “meh”. Maybe that’s why I like painting Disney things. I know I can’t sell ’em, and so they end up in our house, or I give them to friends if they want them. I never have to worry about whether or not people will laugh at what I’ve done, or whether they’ll like it.

But I digress… so i finished this painting, and sat around for a while. Sandra thought I should share it with people. So I posted it on Instagram (@omgawrsh) and on twitter. Which was HUGE for me. I was deathly afraid of people making fun of it. And maybe people are, but I got some really positive feedback from some friends (Sandra doesnt count, she HAS to say she likes things i do). And then I figured I should post it up on here, and so I am.

Painting Mickey
I’d really like to say a HUGE thank you to Sandra, @jimdoyle, @sparklynicole, @MoJoDisney and @scottquaile for encouraging words and helping to get me motivated to paint more.
I’m super excited to get home and do some more painting on a lady friend for Mickey

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