Star Wars Weekends

Star Wars Weekend 2013

Well.. it’s no secret that I’m a ridiculously huge Star Wars fan… or that I’m a ridiculously huge Disney fan…. and I’m pretty sure everyone knows I’m a web developer (and well if you don’t, you do now)

This time last year, Sandra and I headed to Florida for our wedding planning session (crazy right? it’s been a year already), which also happened to coincide with the second week of Star Wars Weekends.  I didnt know what to expect, neither did she.  She’s not as into the movies as I am, and that’s fine.  But when we walked into Hollywood Studios last year, my eyes were like saucers, my mouth hit the floor and my head just about exploded.  Here, in front of me was EVERYTHING I could ever hope one place… a Star Wars loving #disneydork‘s (copyright @thenameiscasie) dream come true.
The costumes, the characters, the artwork at Darth’s Maul… I’m getting all verklempt just thinking about it.

That day was also the day we had our first phone call with the @rootphotography, and they agreed to shoot our wedding…  And the day that we met @PixiDustdProps, who has since become an amazing friend.

Well, it’s a year later, we’ve had lots of adventures, got married, and met a ton of other great people.  This year @PixiDustdProps is off to get married, on the same day that we met her, a year ago.. WHOOT!

So, when Star Wars Weekends 2013 drew closer, I thought, I need to be able to see everything in one place.. and having recently delved into building some online maps for people, I thought (as web developers do) that I’d crack into the instagram api, and pull all the IG photos tagged with #starwarsweekends. There’s a few tags being used out there, but this is the tag that is listed on the official SWW Disney page .  Anyhoo.. So basically, if the photo is tagged with geolocation services, it’ll show up in the map, if not, it’ll only show up on the list page.

It’s nothing major, I kind of just threw it together really quickly, so I didnt spend any time fussing, I just wanted to see if I could get the functionality working.

So have a look, share it around, and be sure to let me know what you think…


oh… and maybe we’ll see some of ya out in the parks over one of the upcoming Star Wars Weekends 😉


don’t forget to go pick up @etckt ‘s super awesome Star Wars Periodic Table print and be sure to check out @sparklynicole ‘s live blog feed of events

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