Our Wedding Website

Our Wedding Website

Last year, whilst on a trip to our favourite place in the world (the Magic Kingdom at Disney World), I asked my best friend to marry me, and she said yes. Immediately we had to get things started for our planning, guest list and everything in between.

We’re having a Disney wedding, which is ridiculously exciting for us, and hopefully for our guests too.

I decided that we should build a site that allows us to share information with our guests and friends. I say ‘and friends’ because we’re having quite a small wedding, so we couldnt invite everyone.

I built the site layout on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, which is great for its in built media queries for mobile scalability. I also built the backend using my custom CMS (again, in php on a Codeigniter framework).

As we wanted to be able to restrict access to certain things (times, locations, and a few other secrets) to strictly guests and Disney, I built a user management solution which allows me to assign pages and posts to specific roles. So if a post is only meant for guests, only guests will see it, and only guests will get an email notification. Anyone can register and sign in (even sign in with Twitter if you like, just like this site) but unless Sandra or myself give guest or friend access, you’ll be limited in what you can see. It was a good solution to keep certain things private, but share with the world, less private info.

That being said, I’m not going to list the site here, possibly until after the wedding, just some images. If you’d like to see it, shoot me a DM on Twitter and I’ll send you a link.

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