Bondo 2 Pepakura Fett Bucket

My first adventures with making a pepakura Fett bucket

I’ve wanted a Star Wars bucket for as long as I can remember… the problem is… they’re expensive!! and we live in Bermuda.. so after you factor in shipping and duty, and random costs that the Bermuda Post Office decides to add to stuff.. it’s just insane… Only thing left to do is make one… but how… well, with the help from some friends, I started getting a grip on Pepakura.  I’d find a file I wanted to make.. download it, and open it up in Pepakura Viewer and start fidgeting with sizing.. I’m not even gonna get into that.. because it’s a whole tricky and weird thing, and to be honest.. I (usually) just get lucky with it.

Basically, you’re looking at a low-poly 3D image of what you want to make.. and it gets split out into the different flat components, showing whatever folds you need to do, where to cut, and where to glue.. In the end.. you get a cardboard version of what you’re trying to make.

pepakura cut out

Part one down.. now to coat it with some fiber glass resin and then bondo it to shape it.  I’ve got no prior experience with either.. so it was kind of fun to get into.. although the August heat and humidity was killin me with the dust.  First run came out ok.



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