Wampa Wampa Wampa

Wampa Wampa Wampa

One day on a brief outing to Hoth, Mr. Chompypants (affectionately known in the hood as Chompy Von Chomperton) found himself to be rather chilly. ┬áLacking a freshly dead tauntaun to slice open and curl up inside (not to mention a lightsabre with which to make the precision cuts), and knowing he’d freeze before he reached the first marker, Mr. Chompypants wandered around the giant ice cube until he stumbled upon a cave.

“This may smell bad kid, but it’ll keep you warm” he thought to himself.

As he entered the cave a huge wampa jumped out at him, roaring and slashing with his razor sharp claws.

Mr. Chompypants chomped him in the face, brutally slaughtered the wampa in a horrific scene of guts and gore, peeled off his skin and zipped himself into his new wampa suit. the end.

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